Make a strategy come to life

When working on creating a successful strategy, it is important focus on how to lift the strategy from the piece of paper, to a live process. A strategy that is not delivered and implemented into the organisation has little value in the long run. It is vital that one recognize that for a strategy to succeed it will have to reach everyone affected by it.

A strategy is so much more than one action; here are some tips as to how you should work on delivering your strategy.

  • Give the design and the communication equal attention and weight.

  • Make sure that those whom implement the strategy fully understand why they do the work they do.

  • Communicate the importance of feedback.

  • Empower the employees; make them know that they are the most important piece in the puzzle.

For a strategy to be successfully delivered, the people doing the actual work needs to know what their part is, they need to recognize why they are doing the work they are doing and what role it has in the company’s vision and strategy. Only then will they be able to recognize obstacles or challenges that they should report, because it will affect the strategic plan that they are working towards achieving.