Having a Northern star is always smart!

But how do you get there?

Too often management enters a strategy seminar with lots of thoughts and come out with a clear idea of where they want their company to be in 5-10 years. At the same time, they seem to omit the most crucial part, how do you get there?

Having a plan to make the company climate neutral in 10 years makes no sense if you do not have a plan on how you are going to that result in the short term. By setting short term goals that the employees can work towards on a regular basis makes each step easier, as one sees results short term. In the time after a new strategy is in place, the focus should not be on whether we are reaching the vision, but if we are one the right path towards that goal.

By setting a clear vision and then breaking it down to milestones, goals and short term projects the company will be more focused on reaching that final goal, than if it is just a euphoria that is not a part of the companies culture and daily working life. It is also crucial with sufficient resources to be able to carry the projects through.  

Let us focus on the example above:

If a company wants to be climate neutral in 10 years, they have to make lot of choices today so that they are able to get to that goal. It is vital that they make changes and monitor them from the get go, so that in 10 years they can reap the benefits of their actions today. They may need to change suppliers and they must change how they work on a daily basis. By setting short-term goals, they are also in a greater position to get the employees motivated, because they see results continuously. It is easier to make the right choices if you are reminded of your progress.