The Top Ten Startup Metrics You Must Be Prepared To Present To Potential Investors

If you have a good product, that's nice. A huge market is cool. But in the end it's all about your ability to execute on your business ideas that counts for VC's and investors.

Are you prepared? We recommend not using Powerpoint to present these numbers, but a tool like Strategy Orchestrator to convince them you are in control and focused on following up on your goals.

These are some of the metrics you should be prepared to discuss:


• Net promoter score: How many of your total customer base would recommend your product to their friends?

• New users added last months in percent of total user base: How well are we growing the user base? Which user sources are the best?

• Cost of customer acquisition, lifetime value, pay back period: Can we grow faster through paid acquisition? Are we acquiring customers profitably?

• Active users last 10 months: Are we getting better at giving our customers what they want/need? Which channels of users are most effective in finding us the right kind of user?

• % of users using top 3 key features in a given month: Are our product initiatives the right ones?

• Revenue: Are we growing our revenue?

• Conversion to paid rate in that month/by cohort: How many users converted to paid? Are we improving our ability to convert customers to paid?

• Avg spend per paying customer: What is the impact of the account management team?

• Churn rate: How well do we retain our customers?

• Burn rate: When are we profitable? When do we run out of cash? When do we need to raise?

In Strategy Orchestrator you can enter goals and objectives based on your strategy, find a good way to measure them, get notified and follow up with activities and initiatives. Use Strategy Orchestrator to leverage what you already have in your head, and convey investors to see the road to success.