New features in Strategy Orchestrator

Strategy Orchestrator continues to work with the customers and add features that are vital for companies to operate in the best possible way. The newest addition to our software is the possibility to not only measure KPI’s, goals and follow up on projects. We now also offer the possibility to keep track of OKR’s along side the companies strategy.

OKR - Objective and Key results is a measurement on employee, team and company basis, where the focus is to align the strategy and goals across the organisation. It has always been a goal for Strategy Orchestrator to better the transparency in companies, and with the possibility to track OKR’s alongside KPI’s we believe that the internal transparency will blossom. If you would like to read more about OKR’s please follow the link bellow to our blog post about OKR’s.

New features release January 2019:

  • New Canvas pages (in addition to Mission and Vision) for

    • SWAT analysis

    • Value proposition canvas

    • Go-to-market plan

    • Story telling canvas

    • Company culture canvas

  • Preview KPI reminders, and added division filter

  • Add option when saving KPI to move immediately to KPI Values page

  • Tags (Admin page, Report page for Goal,KPI, actions and initiative)

  • Sort risk values on custom value

  • User image on Goal modal / popup and added vertical scrolling if text exceed canvas height

  • Odata integration - includes child objects

  • Improved notifications on mobile app

  • New privilege to add the option to add and edit KPI's to users without data administrator privileges

  • Share page/screeenshot page, choose to exclude/include menu

  • Option to add extra logging to analyze user behaviour and usage

  • Added option to leave "Reminder days" on KPI empty, to avoid alerts to be sent. 0 means the notification will be sent same day as the period for KPI ends

New languages supported: Spanish, Arabic (RTL), Swedish, Danish and one specifically for handling OKRs

OKR's, align the strategies of individuals, teams and organisation.

OKR's, align the strategies of individuals, teams and organisation.

OKR is an abbreviation for Objective and Key Results, where the goal is to make the company focus on the main strategies, prioritizing and pulling together. The concept was first introduced by John Doerr in the book “Measure what matters”. In his book, the objective is described as the place we want to go and the key results is how we get there. There should only be a limited number of key results per objective (2-5) so that the employees don’t lose track, but keep focused.

The Top Ten Startup Metrics You Must Be Prepared To Present To Potential Investors

The Top Ten Startup Metrics You Must Be Prepared To Present To Potential Investors

If you have a good product, that's nice. A huge market is cool. But in the end it's all about your ability to execute on your business ideas that counts for VC's and investors.

Are you prepared? We recommend not using Powerpoint to present these numbers, but a tool like Strategy Orchestrator to convince them you are in control and focused on following up on your goals.

These are some of the metrics you should be prepared to discuss: