• As a Strategy Orchestrator partner, you will enjoy a wealth of benefits and support.

  • This will help you increase revenue, expand your business base and enhance your customers' satisfaction.

  • Strategy Orchestrator nurtures partner relationships with three pillars:

    • Enable the partners

    • Assistance in market and sales

    • Offer support across all our partner programs.

  • Companies around the world are searching for simple, affordable and dynamic business intelligence solutions that anyone can use. As a partner, we'll work together to position your customers ahead of the technology curve.

Opportunities for services

  • Cut of Strategy Orchestrator licenses fee

  • Development services when client need custom visualizations

  • ETL service for setting up automatic data capture

  • Performance management consulting


  • Commission of subscription fee.

  • Referral fees


  • Participate in training through screen sharing and webinars.

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  • Email: anders@strategyorchestrator.com

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